Andrea Mitchell

Executive Producer
Andrea Mitchell has worked in the entertainment industry since the early 1990's. Starting out as a production assistant in Boston, she moved to Hollywood and proceeded to work as an assistant director on many top feature films with Miramax, Paramount, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Sony and Lionsgate Films. She worked with a variety of well-known directors, such as James Cameron, David Fincher, and James Mangold, and top-notch, Academy-award winning actors, including Kevin Spacey, Angelina Jolie, Sean Penn, Helen Mirren, Brad Pitt, and Stephen Rea, to name a few.

In the late 1990's, Andrea was intrigued by emerging internet technology, and became particularly interested in the potential for an integration of audio, visual, and text format, for consumer education to access clickable services. relocating to NYC for a production job in 2000, Andrea continued to stay abreast of the burgeoning digital world, and began transferring her interest from traditional filmmaking, to video branded on-line, and mobile podcasting.

In 2005, Andrea founded, and became interactive executive creative producer of Podcast Go, Inc., the first online, and mobile video ‘infotainment' distribution network specializing in short form, digital video pods, that provide an easy, reliable way to get information on the go. During a trip to Cambodia in 2005, aware that mp3's would soon be video mp4's, a Buddhist monk, an ironic example of the modern world, inspired her using his cell phone to gather news and information. Emboldened by this image, and keen to the emerging digital marketplace, Andrea took a good idea, and gathered talent, and support from past professional associates to make it a reality.

Since Podcast Go arrived on the scene in the fall of 2005, Andrea has successfully created an innovative digital portal consisting of 30 channels, hundreds of original shows, and thousands of episodes pertaining to a wide range of topics; from art, and cooking, to health, and wellness, to entertainment and travel. She has established successful, and lasting partnerships with top vendors, brands, and individual domain experts (including Bacardi, Bombay Sapphire, Food & Wine, American Museum of Natural History, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Whole Foods, Andrea Metcalf Fitness, Starwood Hotels, American Express Publishing, The Island of Curacao, and Time, Inc.) to bring their services, and products to the consumer marketplace with ease, efficiency, and technological savvy. the company closed in fall of 2009.

Her never-ending curiosity for social media, and love to connect the internet consumer dots, led her to consult for a few interactive companies, ultimately leading her to re-open her own boutique entertainment / digital company, Andrea Mitchell Digital. She creates B roll (behind the scenes) and all forms of content and manages online and mobile content initiatives for companies, brands, agencies, directors, and photographers. bringing the physical to the digital is, and has been, Andrea's expertise.